6th EMSSA International Conference

hosted by Emergency Medicine Society of South Africa & Emergency Care Society of South Africa

Sun City Resort, North-West Province
2-5 October 2017


Kindly note that congress delegates attending the conference (full conference or daily) get preference to the workshops , therefore any delegates who only want to attend the workshops will be placed on a waiting list and if the workshop is not fully booked, we will contact you a few weeks before the Conference to register. If you would like to only attend a workshop and not take part in the EMSSA Conference, please contact conference1@onscreenav.co.za to be placed on the workshop waiting list.

Pre-Conference Workshops - 2 October 2017

ECG Programme   Nursing Programme   Research Programme   SIM Programme   Toxicology Programme   Ultrasound Programme   Ventilation Programme

EMECG presents the essential ECG Masterclass: Zebra

Chair: Kamil Vallabh, Jacques Malan, Saád Lahri
It’s taught by Emergency Physicians that see patients on the frontline needing to make the first call on undifferentiated patients.
This workshop will focus on the 3 critical aspects of ECG interpretation in the Emergency Room.

  • Coronary anatomy and Infarct Localization – Let the Sherlock in you shine!

  • Wide complex Tachycardia – Charge the bunny!

  • Syncope – Obtain Hero status

The afternoon session will be group work – ECG Trouble solving Masterclass. You will be taught in an interactive, practical and case based presentation format making this ECG workshop unique.
Full day
Registration: R 1 250
50 pax (lectures & group sessions)

Toxicology: Impala

Chairs: Tammy Baillie-Stanton, Lucy Hindle and Victoria Stephen.
This informative, fun one day update on toxicology is aimed at doctors, paramedics and nurses. We will cover the latest in tox resus, tox emergencies unique to SA, recreational ODs, new party drugs and more.
The course is presented by Emergency Physicians in an interactive, rapid fire format of short lectures and "test yourself" quiz questions.
Full day
Registration: R 1 250
50 pax (lectures)

SIM: Giraffe

Chair: Chris Stein
A workshop on the use of clinical simulation in emergency care at an introductory level, including simulation for learning and assessment. Applicable to all disciplines. Includes some practical activities, but mostly lectures.
Half day (am)
Registration: R 500
30 pax (lectures & practical)



Chris Stein

Senior Lecturer: Dept of Emergency Medical Care

University of Johannesburg


Andrew Makkink

Lecturer: Dept of Emergency Medical Care

University of Johannesburg


Rod Campbell

Healthcare Simulation Educator & Consultant

Survival Technology

Ultrasound Level 1: Kudu

Chair: Mike Wells

The workshop will offer an introductory course to emergency ultrasound (the basic or Level 1 emergency ultrasound course). This course is open to doctors, nurses and paramedics involved in emergency or critical care.

The theoretical component of the workshop will be provided through pre-course materials and online lectures. The workshop itself will be an entirely practical hands-on ultrasound experience.

Pre-course preparation:

No pre-course ultrasound experience required.

Pre course reading is highly recommended and will be provided prior to the Workshop.


Full day

Registration: R 2 500

40 pax (practical stations)

Ventilation: Springbok

Chair: Roger Dickerson

To gain insight, tips and tricks in various aspects relating to the critically ill patient in the pre- and in-hospital emergency environment and an approach to their ventillatory management. All medical, nursing and pre-hospital staff involved in the provision of Emergency Care to the Critically Ill - Medical Officers, Registrars, Specialists, Emergency and Trauma Nurses, ICU Nurses and Advanced Life Support Paramedics. Participants will rotate through nine different stations over the course of the day - each focusing on a different aspect of ventilation. Topics include: Noninvasive ventilation, Basic Invasive Ventilation, Pressure Controlled Ventilation, Volume Controlled Ventilation, Partial Support Ventilation, Novel Ventilatory Modalities, Transport Ventilation, and Ventilation of Children.

Half day (pm)
Registration: R 500
50 pax (lectures)

Research: Oryx

Chair: Stevan Bruijns

Research is easy, said no junior researcher ever. The main problem is that as junior researchers we often feel inadequate and under supported especially in the local resource-limited environment. In this workshop we will focus on practical ways of finding research opportunities, getting research done and publish in a low resource setting on a shoestring. Presenters will blend short lectures with group discussions on various themes. If you are a local, budding junior researcher (nursing, prehospital or medical) keen to publish or have published before and want to publish some more, this half-day workshop is for you.

Format: Blend of practical group discussions and lectures

Number of delegates: 25


Stevan Bruijns
Michael McCaul
Colleen Saunders

Half day (am)
Registration: R 500
25 pax (lectures)

EM Nursing: Guinea fowl

Chair: Rene Grobler

Nursing Pre-Conference:  Saving Lives, Saving your Own: Building Resilience in the Face of Extreme Suffering

This pre-conference workshop, facilitated by the Compassionate Care Initiative at the University of Virginia School of Nursing, will address the growing and paralyzing concern of care provider burnout.  Focusing on professionals who work in with trauma patients (paramedics, nurses and physicians), this workshop will facilitate discussions around modalities on how we can care for ourselves so that we can be the best providers and professionals we can be.

For a decade, the Compassionate Care Initiative at UVA has been developing resilience training and compassionate care programming to train future healthcare providers in self-care practices.  What is more, the CCI partners with its sister health-care system at the University of Virginia to provide services to its practitioners across the spectrum of care.  We believe that compassion and right care arises from healthy providers, who are equipped with innovative tools and practices to manage their own stress as well as the stress of others.

This interactive pre-conference will share the tools that the CCI has developed, current literature on compassion fatigue, while giving participants the opportunity to develop their own modalities in becoming resilient, wise and compassionate providers of care in some of the most extreme settings.

Half day (pm)
Registration: R 500
50 pax (lectures)